Festive Christmas Snow Globe And Winter Wonderland Shadow Box SVG: Freebie For You

Winter Wonderland Snow Globes


Winter wonderland snow globes are a classic decoration item that is often associated with Christmas. They bring a touch of magic and nostalgia to any room and are a beloved item for both children and adults. In recent years, snow globes have also become a popular craft item, with many people making their own using DIY tutorials found online. In this article, we will discuss the history of snow globes, their popularity, and how to make your own winter wonderland snow globe ornaments using the inspiration from the photos provided.

History of Snow Globes

The history of snow globes dates back to the early 19th century when they were first created in France. These early snow globes were made of glass and contained water and white powder to resemble snow. They were often used as paperweights and became a popular Christmas decoration in the 1920s. Today, snow globes are made in many different styles and materials, with some featuring personalized designs and even music.

Popularity of Winter Wonderland Snow Globes

Winter wonderland snow globes have become a popular decoration item during the Christmas season. They evoke a sense of wonder and magic and are often associated with childhood memories of playing in the snow. Many families and individuals make a tradition of collecting snow globes, with some people having collections that span years or even decades. Additionally, snow globes have become popular as a DIY craft item, with many tutorials available online for making your own personalized winter wonderland snow globe ornaments.

How to Make Your Own Winter Wonderland Snow Globe Ornaments

If you are interested in making your own snow globe ornaments, there are a few supplies you will need:

  1. A clear glass or plastic ornament
  2. Small figurines, such as a snowman or Christmas tree
  3. Artificial snow or glitter
  4. A hot glue gun
  5. Optional: ribbon or twine for ornament hanging

To make the ornament, first, remove the top of the glass or plastic ornament. Next, hot glue your chosen figurine to the inside of the ornament’s bottom half. Add artificial snow or glitter to the ornament, filling it to your desired level. Finally, hot glue the top of the ornament back on, ensuring that it is sealed completely. To finish, you can add ribbon or twine to the top for hanging. Your winter wonderland snow globe ornament is now complete!


Winter wonderland snow globes are a classic and beloved decoration item that evoke feelings of magic and nostalgia. From their early origins in France to their popularity today, snow globes have become synonymous with the holiday season. Making your own winter wonderland snow globe ornaments is a fun and easy way to personalize your holiday decor and create memories that will last for years to come.