Elegant Vintage Lace Frames Collection And Antique Borders Shadow Box SVG: Download For Free

Decorate Your Designs with Free Printable Frames and Borders

Adding a frame or border can make a design look more polished and professional. Luckily, there are plenty of free printable frames and borders available online. Here are some options:

Lace Frames

If you’re looking for something feminine and delicate, try free printable lace frames. These frames usually have intricate details and add a touch of elegance to any design. They work well for invitations, scrapbook pages, and other projects.

To use a lace frame, simply print it out and cut around the edges. Then, paste your image or text inside the frame. You can also customize the frame by adding color or glitter to it.

Some sites that offer free printable lace frames include Oh My Fiesta! in English and The Graphics Fairy.

Calligraphic Frames

Calligraphic frames are another popular option for those who want an elegant look. These frames often have swirls, flourishes, and other fancy details. They work well for wedding invitations, certificates, and other formal documents.

You can find free vintage clip art images of calligraphic frames and borders on sites like The Graphics Fairy and Vintage Fangirl. Simply print out the image and use it as a border or frame for your design.

Fancy Frames and Labels

If you want something more modern, try fancy frames and labels. These frames usually have clean lines and geometric shapes. They work well for labels, tags, and other branding materials.

You can find free SVG, EPS, and cut files of fancy frames and labels on sites like The Hungry JPEG. These files are usually compatible with design software like Adobe Illustrator or Silhouette Studio.

Free SVG Cut Files for

  1. If you’re using an image from the internet, make sure it’s free to use and modify. Check the terms of use or license agreement before downloading the image.
  2. Make sure your frame or border complements your design. Choose a frame that matches the theme or mood of your project.
  3. Consider the printing quality of your frame or border. If you’re printing at home, make sure the image is high-resolution and won’t appear pixelated. If you’re printing professionally, make sure the image meets the printer’s specifications.


Using free printable frames and borders is an easy way to enhance your designs. Whether you prefer lace frames, calligraphic frames, or fancy labels, there are plenty of options available online. Just remember to choose a frame that complements your design and check the licensing terms before using an image. Happy designing!